Architectural Technologist / Revit Technician / Artist




Freelance Architectural Technologist and Revit Technician with over 16 years experience within the industries of Architecture and Construction with an honest and open approach to both professional and personal performance.

Throughout my career, I have developed several aspects of the world of construction. I have worked as an Architectural Technologist, Construction Manager and Revit Technician for both construction companies and architectural firms. This experience has allowed me to develop a broad knowledge of architectural processes and design, construction methods and building materials.

Due to the implementation of BIM in the industry, I have become proficient with software such as Autodesk Revit and have applied this knowledge in my freelance practice.

I am an innovative and adaptable individual with a pro-active approach to changes in the industry. I have the ability to generate and promote effective solutions that lead to improved ways of working. I am a hardworking individual who is very organised and thorough and pays great attention to detail.

I have the ability to communicate with others efficiently and to work effectively as part of a team and under pressure to find reasonable solutions to any Architectural problem that may occur.

I am also an exhibiting artist and graphic designer specialised in collage and mixed media.During the last years, I have been developing my artistic career, exhibiting my artwork with organisations like Collagistes Collective, Creative Debuts, The Cult House and The Print House Gallery.